August 2019

The long-awaited restoration of Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo’s 1977 Atwood mural nears completion in Placentia

July 2019

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXX: Articles in the Wind

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Note: Gustavo Arellano was critical in keeping the fight alive to preserve the mural!

june 2019

Primer-time for OC Mural

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june 2019

Efforts to restore mural in Placentia’s Atwood neighborhood have take off

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April 2019

Short film about late artist Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo leads to the restoration of his fading mural in the Atwood barrio of Placentia

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Note: We would like to recognize that Atwood is not a barrio of Placentia. The community has always been the barrio Atwood in the city of Placentia.

November 2015

Enough's Enough: It's time to save Orange County's Chicano Murals

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