Atwood Mural Restoration Project

Our Mission:


Celebrating our shared Heritage.

Atwood, Placentia has over a hundred years of community PRIDE. The work to honor many legacies continues with the ATWOOD MURAL RESTORATION PROJECT.

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Our Mission

In collaboration with the County of Orange, OC Public Works, the City of Placentia, Placentia Community Collaborative and the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation, we, the community of Atwood, want to restore and protect The Atwood Mural. For over 40 years The Atwood Mural infused hope and a sense of belonging to our close knit community. In return, our community protected the integrity of the mural in honor of past generations and for generations to come.

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The Artist

“To comprehend where we are going, it is of paramount importance to know from where we come. Within this preoccupation to know our past is an opportunity to understand the bittersweet history of our ancestors. The history of our forefathers awakens us to the miserable moment our culture currently confronts in this country. It is in this awareness that we come together and it is here in this moment that I seek through artistic expression the symbols that more clearly express who I am. Such was art for the ancient Aztec, later for the Mexican, and now here for the Chicano.”

-Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo / Dancing with the Sun: The Artwork of Manuel Hernandez Trujillo


Without the book there would be no film, without the film there would be no mural restoration…


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The Atwood Mural represents the spirit and indigenous history of the community. It’s message is one of unity and resilience. Join us in restoring a bit of our social history, pride and foremost, community.

Murals, as Manuel states, are indeed “history’s oldest art form.”

-Manuel N. Gomez / Dancing with the Sun: The Artwork of Manuel Hernandez Trujillo

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Join us in building on the strength that was handed down by Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo by participating in a Community Painting Day.

Volunteer opportunities

Join us as a general volunteer, no painting required. We will need assistance with minor clean-up, photography, and website blog updates.

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Any donation gift you make is immediately put to use to purchase supplies & to save towards a high quality, durable coating system.