Atwood Community Meeting


On April 26, 2019 @ 6PM we held a community meeting at the Gomez Center. This meeting was to communicate the plan for the mural restoration, the anticipated timeframe and to allow the community to ask any questions. After 40+ years of not knowing who the artist was, we were finally able to introduce the artist, Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo to the community through film. Dancing With The Sun: The Artwork of Manuel Hernandez-Trujillo, was directed by Jakov Velasco with assistace by the team at the Santa Ana History Room. This film is part of the Newport Beach Film Festival Shorts, in the A A & D Shorts category.

Click Here to buy tickets to the 5:30 PM, April 30th showing of the film in Costa Mesa.

At the meeting, we also began the process of gathering the lists of volunteers who will be assiting in the restoration project. We will continue to accept volunteer sign-ups on our volunteers page!

A very exciting moment of the meeting was when Carmen Dorado, an Atwood resident, officially publised the website! Watch the video here- @atwoodmuralproject on Instagram

We are so thankful for all of the support the County, City, PD, and Public Works has provided. And to all of our other supporters, thank you!

Cheers to restoration day #1!

-Joe, Bernice, Josh & Xochitl-

Xochitl Zuniga